I love Australian native plants. 


Evolving in an ancient land of poor soils and variable climate, they are often small, hiding in the foliage. Only up close and personal do they reveal their beauty. Then we see their vibrant colours, unique shapes and subtle designs. And together with the wombats, quolls, wallabies, birds and insects, they create a landscape that is uniquely Australian.

Yet these plants and their ecosystems are under threat – land clearing, development, weeds and climate change. 

Can we allow these unique plants to disappear? 

I think not. I believe we can all make a difference and protect them for our grandchildren as well as our own wellbeing. 

How? By planting native, by protecting the bush, by living sustainably – every action counts! 

Here is a small selection of our beautiful flora, shown up close and personal, showcasing what makes them worth fighting for! 

I hope they inspire you to plant a native today.