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A garden built on harmony and trust

Every garden tells a story, and this one in southern Sydney tells one of trust and collaboration that has created magic. When Joan Zande retired, her dream was to redesign her 40-year old garden. Yet finding a designer who embraced the site proved challenging. Against a rocky sandstone escarpment, a 10º slope, drainage problems and nowhere to sit, the site just seemed too hard.

Australian native garden with lilly piles
The garden with hedges of Acmena smith 'Allyn Magic and Syzygium austral 'Bush Christmas'

And then she met Greg Hopcroft – artist, designer and structural landscaper. For Greg, the challenges of the site were its essence, its magic. The sandstone escarpment was the garden frame and defined the materials and colour palette. The slope was an opportunity to create levels and space. The nearby Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve was the inspiration for planting. Drainage issues were an opportunity to capture water to feed the garden…

With just a sketch, the close collaboration of landscaper and owner began in late 2012 to create this garden.

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