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Pristine South Coast

Mollymook Beach, sea, fisherman, dawn
Pristine Mollymook Beach in the early morning

A few hours south of Sydney is the very beautiful and pristine south coast of NSW.

There's always something to photograph with its stunning beaches, rainforests, landscapes and villages. This visit, we also took in the 150th Milton Show, invited by our family who were exhibiting prize vegetables!

After wandering the pavilions, packed with 'world class' watermelons and pumpkins, delicious cakes, lovingly crafted crocheted rugs, I spent the rest of the time meandering, checking out the stalls and trying to capture the action of the outside activities.

Horse, horse jumping, concentration, courage
Courageous horse jumper at Milton Show

The show jumpers were pretty awe-inspiring! I'd never appreciated the courage it takes to get the horse and person over the jumps in one piece. The intensity of concentration said it all. Even had me want to get on a horse for the first time in 30 years!

I wasted lots of digital trying to get the action of the horse as it jumped! Not only the shutter speed, but the angles and points of view required. Work in progress!

Strength, technique, woodchopping
Shows of strength and technique at the wood chopping at the Milton Show

Enormous strength and technique is required in the wood chopping, with women and children joining in the competition. Evocative of the past and a reminder of the hard physical labour before the chain saw!

Competitors put enormous effort into preparing and then they were off. The action often only lasted about a minute! Had to keep adjusting my shutter speed faster and faster to get the swing and even then didn't quite catch that blow!

Entertained over lunch by the Jazz Cats, a local band. Sat in the shade munching lunch, while watching the crowds, always so interesting to people-watch!

Headed home via the national parks of the south coast including Jerrawangala National Park, with its rugged sandstone cliffs and impenetrable bush and Goulburn, with fish and chips in the park. A fun couple of days with family and my camera!

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